Cocktail Ring

Princess Trio Turquoise Cocktail Ring

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest Tastemaker, Kate Bello. A beach bum at heart, Kate muses on fashion, photography, beach living, and natural wellness on her blog, We’re excited to have her perspective on visual storytelling and beach fashion as…

Maya's Green Cotton Tote

Journey of A Green Cotton Tote

We’re excited to introduce our latest Tastemaker, Maya McDonald.  Maya is the voice behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Charmingly Styled, a collection of personal and street style inspirations, the latest beauty trends, and her appreciation for life’s little charms. I’m always down…

Zapotec Tote Bag

Style: The Zapotec Rug Tote

We are delighted to introduce one of our very first NOVICA Tastemakers – Laura Mazurek. As Editor in Chief and the creative force behind The Bohemian Collective, we are excited to have her perspective on our eternally popular bohemian themes…